Cape Bolinao Light House And More Destinations in Bolinao, Pangasinan

cape bolinao lighthouse pangasinan philippines

Tired and worn out from work far down south, the only thing that kept me running was my excitement. I was so excited on our northern journey to a place I’m going to see the first time. Enchanting stories, beautiful beaches, and iconic marvels await us in Bolinao.

Victory Liner’s Bolinao bound bus leaves the Victory Terminal-Cubao not until 7:30 in the morning, instead, taking the Alaminos trip gave us an early head start but still required another transfer to Bolinao. Passengers filled only a quarter of the bus when it left and as the vehicle cruised north in EDSA, I dozed off.

Victory Liner Bus to AlaminosVictory Liner Bus to Alaminos

Bebeng waiting for her bus ride in Victory Liner TerminalVictory Loner. Bebeng anxiously waiting for her Alaminos bus.

Picturesque mountain ranges delighted the beautiful morning when I woke up in Pangasinan an hour before we reached the town of Alaminos. Fast food chains and eateries can be found in Alaminos so we grabbed quick bites first before we went on with the journey.

A short walk from the Victory Liner’s Terminal in Alaminos took us a grocery where mini-buses bound for Bolinao can be found. Better ask the locals where to find this terminal. The mini bus left shortly after it was almost filled and picked up passengers along the way.

At the heart of Bolinao, the Poblacion is the end of the road for the mini-bus. Like many provincial towns of the country, the town center, or Poblacion includes the town hall, the church, the market, gym, small shops, stores, diners, etc. Across the town hall is St. James the Great Fortress Parish Church which boasts of the first mass in the country held by an Italian priest named Odorico in 1324. This on the other hand, is contradictory to the historical fact that Limasawa Mass. Spanish influence is evident in the architectural interior and exterior design like many other churches in the country. Definitely, the landmark deserves a quick stopover (and besides, buses stop here).

St. James The Great Fortress Parish in Bolinao, PangasinanFacade of the St. James The Great Fortress Parish where allegedly the first mass was held

Blessed Odorico First Mass in Philippines Bolinao PangasinanRight in front of the church door is a roundabout where a marker stood

Stores, shops, and diners are available in town, or “bayan”, so buying necessities like food such as canned goods, mineral water, and supplies like toiletries, etc, would be convenient while you’re there. Roaming all over town are tricycles which are probably the primary mode of transportation in Bolinao. In front of the store where we bought food is a parked tricycle waiting for us probably because we look like we are in need of a ride. A hundred and fifty Pesos (P150.00) was their regular rate for a Poblacion-Baranggay Patar ride but I bargain for P120.00. Passing from established roads to dirt, I realized that Patar is quite far from town so I paid the driver P130.00 instead of the haggled price.

Tricycles in BolinaoPassing by dirt roads to Baranggay Patar

Several beach resorts lined up along the Patar Beach which varies from a wide range of prices. Most blogs recommend Bing’s Resort for budget travelers looking for a nice place to stay and good service to go with it. Bing’s Beach Resort actually live to its promise of good service where tourist are treated with five star hotel hospitability. Since there were not a lot of travelers during weekdays, we got our rooms for P1,000.00 per night for a 4-person air-conditioned room with hot and cold shower, plus a big cabinet and a side table. A few meters from Bing’s is a sari-sari store selling canned goods, chips, soft drinks, alcohol, water etc.

Though a thousand for a place to stay is reasonable, there are lots of resorts and huts for rent along Patar Beach so if you’re looking for a place to stay, and have the luxury of a vehicle, check out different resorts that will suit your taste and your budget.

Bing's Beach Resort Bolinao PangasinanThe tag line said it all.

Rooms for rent in Bing’s Beach Resort

Patar Beach seems deserted and so vast for the two of us since there were no other tourist during that time. Cool, calm and clean waters swept the shore though gigantic waves and big swells roar from afar. Corals, shells, and white sand are scattered all over the long stretch of beach. The serenity of Patar Beach during that time makes it an ideal getaway for those who are searching for a quiet place to escape.

Patar Beach Bolinao PangasinanClear waters of Patar Beach, right in front of Bing’s Resort

Open huts in Patar Beach bolinao PangasinanA big hut in front of Bing’s Beach Resort for those who wants to take rest or dine at the beach

Patar Beach Bolinao PangasinanSun bathing in Patar Beach.

Sunset in Patar Beach Bolinao PangasinanSunset at Patar Beach

A big breakfast is compulsory for a loaded day ahead. We made arrangements with Ramon and his tricycle to take us to Cape Bolinao Lighthouse, Patar White Beach, and Enchanted Cave for a fee of P300.00 . A few minutes after breakfast our tricycle came so we hurriedly packed our cameras, extra clothes, and water for this day’s agenda.

Cape Bolinao Lighthouse is a few kilometers of dirt road away from Bing’s. Unlike the Spanish Parola’s of Ilocos Norte and Zambales, the 105-year-old Cape Bolinao is an American type of lighthouse still guiding sea vessels passing by South China Sea.

Cape Bolinao Lighthouse in PangasinanCape Bolinao Lighthouse

solar panels of Cape Bolinao Lighthouse PangasinanSolar panels power the 105-year-old lighthouse

Ascending from the light house we headed straight to Bolinao’s famous White Beach in Baranggay Patar. Our feet lavished in the soft white sand, and our bodies were refreshed after dipping in the cool waters of South China Sea. Aside from Treasures of Bolinao, a well known resort in the area, there are several huts and small cottages along the beach probably for a small price. Souvenirs like shirts, shell handicrafts, lamps, etc are sold in small shops.

patar white beach in Bolinao PangasinanHuts for rent at White Beach

Bebeng in Patar White Beach BolinaoBebeng in Patar White Beach

Souvenirs in Patar White Beach Bolinao PangasinanSouvenirs sold in White Beach

Enchanted Cave is past Bing’s on our way back. Locating the cave is easy for there are signboards along the main road. A fee of P35 are charged for those non-swimmers, and P50.00 for those swimming in the cold waters which can heal sun burns according to keepers. According to our guide, Corals scattered all over the places is due to submersion of Bolinao a very long ime ago. Stairs to the coral cave are well lit leading to the pool inside.

Enchanted Cave in Bolinao PangasinanArch welcoming you to Enchanted Cave.

stairs to Enchanted Cave Bolinao PangasinanStairs leading to the “enchanted” waters of the cave.

Enchanted Cave Pangasinan BolinaoNatural pool inside the Enchanted Cave

After a few shots inside the Enchanted Cave, we went back to Bing’s to have lunch then took a nap. Late in the afternoon we decided to go back to White Beach to wait for the sunset before we call it a day.

Morning came and we bid goodbye to Patar Beach by bathing in it for the last time until we come again. All bags are packed and we started marching back to town under the heat of the scorching sun. Tricycles frequent the area so we have to walk until a tricycle passes by. Fortunately, a tricycle passed by and we had a ride back to town for P25.00.

Since the bus leaves at 12:40, we still have time to go visit the National Museum in Bolinao which holds artifacts and preserved animals seen in Bolinao. Hopefully the government would help institutions like these who help preserve the culture and treasure of our country.

National Museum Bolinao Branch PangasinanNational Museum in Bolinao

Adora’s is a popular eatery in town so we decided to give it a try. They serve Filipino home-cooked dishes like Bicol Express, Sisig, Pakbet, Chopsuey, etc for a cheap price. After lunch we made our way home, and arrived in Cubao about 7:00 P.M.

Adora's Eatery in Bolinao Town Proper PangasinanLunch at Adora’s

Me & Bebeng in Patar White Beach BolinaoMe and my travel buddy


1. Victory Liner-Cubao to Alaminos: (5-6 hours)
P347.00 (regular)
P278.00 (student)
Contact to confirm schedules Tel. No. 727-4688 or go to Victory Liner schedule

2. Minibus From Alaminos to Bolinao (1 hour): (ask locals for directions of bus stop)
P45.00 (regular)
P40.00 (student)

3. Tricycle from Poblacion to Baranggay Patar
P150 at most

4. Bing’s Beach Resort Rooms
2-4 Persons, A/C, 2 Big Beds, Cabinet, Hot & Cold Shower, GOOD SERVICE.
Contact: 09282477501, 09212807142, 09289394561
(If you have time and not yet tired, check out other resorts for cheaper rates or go straight to Patar White Beach)

5. Enchanted Cave
P35.00 Not swimming
P50.00 Swimming
If you don’t have a vehicle, and in need of service:
Contact Ramon & his tricycle 0929-5407934

6. Five Star Bus from Bolinao-Cubao Farmers
P405.00 (regular)

7. Please LIKE BIYAHERONG BARAT on Facebook.


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