Tres Escalon Falls in Taytay, Rizal

tres escalon falls taytay rizal

For almost 20 years, I’ve been residing in Cainta, but was not really going around town much until I started researching interesting sights nearby. I stumbled upon a place about 5 minutes from Valley Golf, and I was amazed that such place exist not far from where I reside. Taytay is the neighboring town of Cainta, and there lies a waterfalls I never imagined it existed. Curiosity got me excited so I left the house before the sun goes up, but the rain starts pouring down, yet I still went on with my agenda.

Tres Escalon Falls is situated inside a Melendres Village (yes, inside a village), located along the road on the way to Antipolo. Upon reaching Caltex, on the left side of the road, a signage to Tres Escalon Falls stands on the roadside. A few meters from the gate, head straight until you reach a basketball court and a multi-purpose hall on the right side, which is the jump off point.

Hiking a few meters from the multi-purpose hall down the wet and damp make shift steps leads to the rocks on the stream. Trails are not established so the rocks would serve as steps going to the one of the three falls. Water from Antipolo streams downhill through a gorge 3 falls resembling an escalon, a Spanish term for steps.

tres escalon falls taytay rizalTres Escalon Falls

tres escalon falls taytay rizalPool of cold water, but I’d rather not swim due to the trash scattered

Rain poured harder as I was taking photos, without a tripod but a foldable stool instead. Setting up was hard for I had an umbrella on one hand, as I fix the camera with the other. I was paranoid that a flashflood may occur anytime during the rains, so I hurriedly took some few photos but got no good results. Actually, it was a stupid thing to do. Terrain is difficult and once a flashflood occurs, going to an elevated place would be hard.

Garbage is scattered all around the area making the area unpleasant to the eyes. Tourist may have littered the place, or garbage may came from residents uphill. Hopefully, the local government can organize a clean up drive of Tres Escalon Falls which is one of the main tourist attractions of Taytay, as a Rizaleño, I’d be glad to help restore the natural beauties of my hometown.

st. john the baptist church, taytay rizalStairs leading to the St. John The Baptist Parish which is situated atop a hill

Since I’m in town, I also took a detour at the St. John the Baptist Parish which is located at the heart of Taytay. My mom used to take us for mass in these church when we were kids, so I was kind of familiar with the area.


Now, here are some fast facts that may help you on your trip:

1. Jeeps bound to Tanay, Baras, Antipolo Simbahan – Junction (don’t ride Antipolo Simbahan – Sumulong) passes by Melendres Village. When you get off at the gate, walk towards the multipurpose hall which is the jump off point to Tres Escalon Falls.

2.  Tres Escalon Falls has no entrance fee.

3. Maintain cleanliness. The area has left over garbage and trash so please don’t add up.  Instead, taking a small trash from the falls and putting it in the garbage would reduce the litter scattered in the area. Little by little, we are helping preserve one Taytay’s natural beauty.

4. More pictures in Jed’s Multiply

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6. Be safe and have a nice trip.

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21 thoughts on “Tres Escalon Falls in Taytay, Rizal

  1. Hi, try to go visit tanay rizal sometimes….(Daranak Falls & Daraitan River)you’ll love it there… =)

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  6. uhm. hello. it’s been a year since pinost mo itong blog na to. may i ask kung anu na po ang situation ng tres escalon falls ngayon? needed lang po kc for my research. Thanks! 🙂

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